Books I Read in April

Oona Out of Order is a new take on time travel. Oona’s birthday is January 1 and for every year of her adult life, she wakes up to a new yet random year of her life. It starts as she is 18 preparing for her 19th birthday but she wakes up in her 50s.

Never Split the Difference is an awesome negotiating tool, as told by a former FBI hostage negotiator.

The Winemaker’s Wife is a tough but worthwhile read about WW2 in France’s champagne region.

The Women is a Vietnam nurse’s struggle not only through her time in Vietnam, but once home trying to obtain mental health services. Again, not an easy one but I found it interesting given my dad is a Vietnam Veteran.

Speaking of my dad, he recommended Steve Berry’s books to me. I started well out of order, but this series is written such that you can pick up any book and follow along easily. This looks for the connection Bavaria, Germany might have with—you guessed it—a lost kingdom! It’s crime, mystery and history all wrapped up in one!

The Storyteller of Casablanca brought me back to WW2. A Jewish family escaped France to Casablanca and hopes to travel to the US via Spain. This flashes between the modern era and WW2.

All books I’d recommend! Happy reading.


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