Books I Read in January

Strike Price by LA Starks is the second of a trilogy. Our heroine, Lynn Dayton, EVP of Refining, continues to battle sabotage in her company. This novel educated me about the complex history of oil and gas found on Native American land (Oklahoma). It’s both of my favorite genres: historical fiction and mystery!

The Secret Life of Sunflowers toggles between present-day as a young woman bids farewell to her grandmother and the 1800s Netherlands/France as the sister-in-law of Vincent Van Gogh struggles to support herself and her baby after Vincent then his brother (her husband) died. I hated to finish this book!

The Nightingale describes how one young French woman helped many British and American pilots escape German-occupied France during WW2. A riveting read.

I started Larimer Street because its historical fiction about said street in Denver, but I didn’t realize I’d be reading a book about the redemption of an alcoholic man in the late 1800s through the mid-1900s. I particularly loved the Bible verses and reminders about God’s grace.

I Take My Coffee Black is Tyler Merritt’s biography and it is both engaging and informative. His life took some truly awesome and amazing turns and he is not shy about his failings as well as those of our society. I would definitely recommend, especially as we just started Black History Month!

The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store was sooooo good. There’s a mystery to it and such a layered history. I love how McBride periodically delves into character development as he tells the stories around a Jewish market in a Jewish/African American village outside a small town in PA. The novel starts with a mystery—a skeleton found in 1972. Then we dive back into history, the 1920s, and gradually we learn who that skeleton belongs to and why it was found at the bottom of a well. They is another great read for Black History Month!


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