Getting Organized!

When one moves, certainly there is a fair amount of chaos. Unpacking and settling in takes time. I set about unpacking our house room by room–the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and our son’s play area. My husband quickly set up his office. My office, aka “the book room,’ sat untended and full of boxes.

I felt like everything had priority over my office space, and that frustrated me. I knew my office needed some organization, so I found a wonderful organizer to help me. Marla Regan with Organized Time ( helped me out! Marla has now made three visits to our home and I told her we will have monthly organization sessions until I feel like we are all set.

I wish I had before/after photos to share with you, but that initial chaos was, well, chaotic. And I didn’t care to document the mess that would become my prodoctive space. What I do share with you is the efforts to organized my office supplies. Of which there are MANY!

Marla asks simple questions: what is your vision for this space? What isn’t working? From there, we tackle organizing one box at a time, one folder at a time, and one trash bag at a time.

We’re not totally organized just yet (can anyone ever day that they are?), but I’m ever so grateful for the progress, and for Marla’s patient assitance.

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