Books I Read in October

Officially three books completed in October:

The Distance Between Us is a remarkable insight into the poverty and travails of children left behind in Mexico while their parents seek a better world in the USA, then the struggles of not only emigrating to the US, but also adapting and even succeeding once here. It writing was an awesome undertaking and I appreciate Reyna Grande sharing her story with us.

The Echo of Old Books is a delightful, easy read. A young woman from a troubled past can read feelings of old books—not feeling is the words inside, but of the previous owners. She stumbles across two books that tell the tale of a tragic love affair. With a little assistance, she finds the authors of both anonymous books!

The Broadway Butterfly is true crime novel about the murder of a young woman in early 1920s Manhattan.
All welcome diversions from the dry but informative real estate texts that mostly occupy my time!

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