Why Cypress?

When our family decided to relocate to the Houston area, I had only visited Houston once. My husband and I flew out to Houston for a very quick trip to the Houston Rodeo in 2022. It was a fabulous but focused and very brief trip. We started our house hunt in March 2023, with our eyes on NW Houston area. As many of you may know, Houston is BIG! And NW Houston is really just a quarter of a very large metro area. We considered a number of specific regions, but we focused in on Cypress for two reasons: good schools and diversity. We adopted our son from China, and we hoped for a diverse school. Houston in general is a very diverse city. But we also wanted exceptionally good schools. When we returned in April to meet with our realtor, we literally looked at three houses and third time, as the saying goes, was a charm! We opted for a stunning and ready-to-move-in new house by Tri Pointe Homes in Dunham Pointe. I’ll be honest—I didn’t explore the area much. We loved the home and the fact it’s in a new, still developing neighborhood. As time has passed, I’ve found that our neighborhood is full of wonderful people. So many of our neighbors are friendly and helpful and we’re all in the same boat: we’re all new here! I’ve also discovered that being a mile off 290 is a great location. It’s easy to get around, whether I’m exploring Cypress or event venturing into the rest of Houston at large. Thus, Cypress checks a lot of our major boxes: great schools, a diverse school and neighborhood. Most amenities are close by (we have both a Kroger and an HEB right up the street) and 290 is easy to access.

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